Bridging the gap between viewers and television

Enswers features an interactive TV software that can create a fluid user interface, from audio recognition to real-time interaction and mobile-TV communication. Enswers’ interactive TV package provides a number of dynamic and engaging features that satisfy the audience’s demand for more involvement, which has proven to boost viewer ratings and increase ad revenue.

Interactions that occur on viewers’ smart devices can be synced in real-time with the TV broadcast by Enswers’ Audio Recognition technology, which enables the microphones on smart devices to listen to the audio coming from the TV and automatically detect what the viewer is watching and when.

The combination of Enswers’ Audio Recognition technology with real-time interaction system between the TV and second screen devices is paving a new way to enhancing the TV experience, from opening up brand opportunities for broadcasters and shows to providing a creative and up-close channel for advertisers to sponsor events and interactive campaigns.