Powering context-aware services and applications

The increasing use of second screen devices is disrupting television viewing habits as we know it. With smart devices and social media taking center stage in the constant flow of external stimuli competing for attention, it is increasingly necessary for content providers to control this extra layer of interaction by directly providing users with experiences that will complement, rather than compete, with their content.

By extending content into an immersive experience on the second screen through Enswers’ ACR solutions, content providers can unlock the full potential of their content with interactive content that engages users, seamless playback that enables instant cross-device playback for a true “TV everywhere” experience, social media that allows real-time online conversations and sharing on social platforms, check-ins for loyalty incentives such as badges and exclusive content, gamification of content to trigger real-time interactive and additional entertainment and data & analytics that provide insights into media consumption behaviors.

Enswers ACR solutions are available in a Software Development Kit (SDK) form, mountable on applications for immediate use. Enswers SDK provides access to a library of software that helps you develop content recognition applications and utilities and includes APIs, utilities, extensive documentation and sample demos. Whether you’re an Android, iOS, mobile web developer, or all of the above, Enswers provides broad coverage across all platforms and allows you to easily synchronize connected devices to your content.